Six cross city rail routes in Moscow

Moscow Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, announced that city’s transport framework is to include over 1,000 km of metro lines and 2,000 km of streets and highways.
City’s transport strategy, which will be implemented by 2027 envisages Moscow Railway’s radial routes, the creation of cross city railway routes and the development of metro system.
Cross city railways, or Moscow Central Diametres, will merge the Moscow Railway’s separate radial routes into an integral system and includes six lines. “The new Moscow Central Diametres project will basically extend the length of the metro lines and railways in Moscow and the Moscow Region to about 1,000 km. In fact, the metro system will be about three times the size it was in 2010,” Sobyanin said.
The combined length of all six lines will be 430 km, with 211 stations, including 170 current stations and 41 new ones. Central Diametre lines will provide changes at about 110 metro stations, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) belt railway stations and other diametre lines. The trains will carry an estimated 330 million riders annually.
The city is now planning, designing and building about 200 km of new metro lines. If implemented, these plans will extend the underground metro lines to 555 km by 2023 and to 630 km by 2027.
In addition, the city, together with Russian Railways, is implementing three high-priority radial lines on the Moscow Railway, including the Yaroslavl, Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) and Kursk lines.

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