Signage can be very troublesome

High-performance, safety and long design life: these are three certainties guaranteed by the Discolux LED signals, developed by ECM with the imperative of a careful and strict choice of components, materials and technologies.  Thanks to the use of LEDs, exceptionally reliable and efficient semiconductor devices, the new DISCOLUX signals provide better luminosity, chromaticity and definition of colour compared with the halogen lamp technology.

The absence of mechanical moving parts means that the characteristics of DISCOLUX signals remain substantially unchanged over time, so that they require very little or no maintenance: a long way from the traditional maintenance of lamp signals.
Fully compatible with the control circuits currently used by Italian railways, DISCLOUX signals are not affected by the so-called “phantom effect” because they have no internal reflectors, dichroic filters or co-loured glass that could cause the sunlight to be reflected back.
Last but not least: ECM’s experience has permitted the design of lights signals in full compliance with SIL4 as prescribed by CENELEC European standards.
The LED signals designed for the Romanian railway network have been developed to perfectly match the currently in use headsets, loudspeakers, night/day transition, alternative current cabin circuits (AC) and continuous current cabin circuits (CC). The LED signal permits saving 50% more energy compared to a traditional lamp signage.
The main features of the LED signal include no need of additional operation in case the signal is intermittent, management of the transition from night traffic to day traffic (more precisely, the adjustment of the light intensity), integral control, testing the integrity of hardware resources, secured stop in case of damages, as well as protection in case of voltage drops or overvoltage.

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