Siemens Mobility wins EUR 400 million LRV contract

Avenio high-floor LRVs Düsseldorfer Rheinbahn, the public transport operator in Düsseldorf area and Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft, the transport company of Duisburg, jointly awarded Siemens Mobility a EUR 400 million contract for the supply of Avenio HF high-floor LRVs. The delivery of the first vehicles is expected to start from 2025.

The two transport operators ordered 109 light rail vehicles with an option for 48 additional vehicles. The contract also includes the maintenance and servicing of the Duisburg vehicles for 24 years and an option for a further eight years. A 24-year spare parts supply contract was signed for the Düsseldorf vehicles.

“This order has a very special meaning for us, since it marks our return to the market for high-floor light rail vehicles. Our trains will offer more than two million people in Düsseldorf and Duisburg the highest level of passenger comfort. Our services will also guarantee our customers optimal availability and a sustainable increase in value over the vehicles’ entire lifecycle,” Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility, said.

The Avenio HF high-floor LRVs will enter transport services on 85 km-long light rail network in Duisburg and Düsseldorf, and will also run to the cities of Neuss, Krefeld and Meerbusch in Düsseldorf area.

The vehicles will be used on the approximately 85-kilometer long light rail network in Duisburg and Düsseldorf, and will also run to the cities of Neuss, Krefeld and Meerbusch.

The Avenio HF light rail vehicle has a capacity of 178 passengers of which 51 seated. Two multifunctional areas offer enough space for wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles.

In order to serve different platform heights, all vehicles are equipped with folding steps. Air suspension, air conditioning and infotainment systems ensure maximum passenger comfort.

They will be equipped with Siemens Tram Assistant digital collision warning system that supports the driver with radar and video sensors that provide early detection of potentially dangerous situations, helping to avoid accidents.

In September 2020, Düsseldorfer Rheinbahn has selected a supplier for the delivery of 91 high-floor LRVs without mentioning the name of the manufacturer. Rheinbahn has an option for up to 42 additional vehicles.

According to the transport company, EUR 340 million is the value of the contract which includes spare parts supply for 24 years. The operator said that the new LRVs will be delivered from 2025 until 2027.

“Since the procurement is carried out jointly with the Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft (DVG), the manufacturer of the vehicles can only be announced for reasons of procurement law after the Duisburg committee decision”, Rheinbahn said in September.

The new vehicles will replace the existing B80-Alu trams, some of which are 35 years old.


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