Sibirsky Krai orders more UWC cars

United Wagon Company and Sibirsky Krai transport company signed a contract for the supply of 35 freight cars of 25-tonne-axle load. Under the contract, 30 gondola cars with unloading hatches and 5 box cars will be delivered in the first quarter of 2020.

A significant competitive advantage for both car models is the increased maintenance interval of 1 million km reducing life-cycle expenditure on maintaining the car almost threefold.

The gondola cars’ increased volume of 92 m3 makes possible to transport cargoes with a wide range of densities, making full use of the loading capacity of up to 75 tonnes. This car can be loaded with 10% more freight than a standard car running on 18-100 bogies and equivalent models.

The box car’s body volume of 175 m3 and bogie with increased axle load of 25 tonnes mean an increase load capacity of 73 tonnes. The improved technical specifications of the box car allow 5 additional tonnes of freight to be loaded into each car compared with standard models. Four loading hatches provide for the optimal loading of bulk freight, including grain. The dimensions of the hatch openings make the car compatible with all existing types of forklift truck for loading and unloading operations.

Previously, Sibirsky Krai ordered 90 UWC cars, of which 80 flat cars for timber transport and 10 box cars.


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