Serbia: RZD International launched works on Vinarci – Djordjevo

serbia-corridorxOn October 17, RZD International started works on Serbian Vinarci – Djordjevo section the last one out of the three southern sections of the Corridor X. The project involves the complete reconstruction of 15 km of line, including embankment and permanent way, 5 turnouts, 11 road crossings, reconstruction of railway stations and low platforms, drainage system, catenary system, signaling and telecommunication systems.
According to the schedule, the works are planned to be finished in the second quarter of 2017.  The project cost exceeds USD 38 million and is financed from the Russian state export credit. All the construction and installation works will be performed during 36-hour traffic intervals (windows) without full stop of the traffic in accordance with the work scheme used previously this year on other southern sections of the Corridor X. Some works will be performed by Serbian subcontractors. After the reconstruction speed of passenger trains, which now does not exceed 50 km/h, will be up to 120 km/h.
In April, the company has started works on the two of the southern sections –Vranska Banja – Ristovatz and Buyanovatz – Bukarevatz, that are to be finished soon.

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