RZDL and ČD Cargo to develop transit projects in Eurasia

Viacheslav Valentik, the CEO of RZD Logistics and Bohumil Rampula, member of the board of ČD Cargo, signed an agreement on rail freight transport development in Eurasia and on implementation of joint logistics projects in international transit.
Rapid development of international transit involves in this sphere more transport and logistics companies from different countries. Geographically Czech Republic is located in the very heart of Europe, which makes it a very convenient transport hub for shipments of transit cargo to almost any destination within European Union and vice versa – in Czech Republic it is convenient to consolidate cargo for its further transportation to East,” RZD Logistics CEO said.
The companies agreed to unite efforts and work together on the development of high-potential transport products for international logistics market, including the area of container transit, and also to hold joint marketing research on rail freight.

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