Russian Railways launched the international postal delivery service by rail from China to Russia

postal service-RussiaRussian Railways launched the international postal delivery service by rail for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post (FSUE). The new service is implemented in the framework of cooperation between Russian Railways Holding and the Chinese Railways. It will allow to attract additional flows of freight on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Russian Railways Logistics as part of the United transport and logistics company (UTLC) organized the first delivery.
The first container with the mail from China arrived in Moscow from Harbin on January 15. The transshipment of container for road transport was carried out at  Kuntsevo-2  station on January 16. Then the container was delivered to the international postal exchange office.
Up to the present the international mail was delivered to Russia by air and by road only. Rail  forwarding  allow to reduce transport costs, as well as to deliver cargo from door to door in the container, eliminating the additional cargo operations.
In addition to the delivery of mail cargo Russian Railways Logistics provides a full range of related services, including preparation of shipping documents, customs transit, container transshipment in Russia, delivery to the final destination.


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