RCG unveils its revolutionary platform concept

During 18 to 21 September, at InnoTrans, Rail Cargo Wagon presents TransANT, the prototype freight platform developed together with voestalpine.
TransANT was developed in intensive dialoque with our customers in a wide variety of industries and together with voestalpine´s materials know-how, by using high-strength lightweight steels. For the innovative platform wagon, voestalpine is supplying a complete system consisting of high-strength steel components and corresponding welding technology, which makes a significant contribution to weight reduction and versatility of the wagon.
The standardized platform is available in different lengths between 33 and 70 feet and the modular superstructures are available in various industry-specific versions.
The superstructure changes make it possible to adapt to changing logistical requirements. TransANT can be used without restriction in conventional single wagon transport, in contrast to other modular equipment concepts. The intelligent interface between superstructure and carrying wagon enables roll-off carrying capacity and the carrying wagon can be used as a container carrying wagon for intermodal transport without superstructure. The preparation for automatic coupling ensures future optimisation and automation of railway operations.
Photo: RCG / David Payr

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