RATP Dev wins Cairo Line 3 O&M contract

Cairo metro Line 3The Egyptian National Tunnel Authority (NAT) awarded RATP Dev a 15-year operation and maintenance contract for Cairo metro Line 3.

The partnership between RATP Dev and NAT is part of the Egyptian government’s initiative to strengthen the role of the private sector for the improvement of  efficiency and quality of services provided to citizens.

RATP Dev Mobility Cairo is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Line 3 as well as for the commissioning of ongoing extensions of the line. RATP Dev says that under the contract, “its primary mission is to provide the population of Cairo with state-of-the-art metro service, in accordance with the international standards” the company set up for world major cities such as Paris, London, Hong Kong and Algiers. The French company will ensure optimum punctuality and regularity, recognised customer service policy and strong skills in asset maintenance activities.

As part of its commitment, RATP Dev Mobility Cairo will considerably invest in local human capital offering various positions to Egyptians with the objective of a minimum rate of 90% of local contracts.

A training center will be created in Cairo to ensure the transfer of knowledge and know-how in addition to specific training provided outside Egypt.

Following the takeover of Cairo metro Line 3, RATP Dev will start the contractual activities after a  mobilization phase including an audit of the existing situation, recruitment, evaluations, training and other preparatory stages.

“We are proud to contribute to the development of urban transport in Greater Cairo. We want to make metro transport more efficient, innovative and sustainable to improve the quality of life and mobility of the population of Cairo,” Laurence Batlle, Chairman of the Management Board of RATP Dev said.

The Line 3, inaugurated in 2012, has a length of 22.9 km served by 19 stations. After the completion of the extension projects, the line will have a length of 40 km with 34 stations. The line’s daily ridership is  is expected to reach 1.5 million passengers.

This year, the city has opened a 7-km metro section part of the phase 4B from El-Shams Club to Adly Mansour. Under the contrct, RATP Dev Mobility Cairo will have to commission a 6.6 km metro extension part of the phase 4C, which will link Heliopolis suburb with city’s International Airport.


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