PT LEN Industri and Teltronic to integrate ETCS and CBTC signalling over Tetra

Indonesian state-owned company PT LEN Industri, which provides electronic infrastructure, and Teltronic signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore a joint development for interface of LEN’s ETCS and CBTC signalling system and Teltronic’s Tetra and/or LTE telecommunication system.
Both parties intend to cooperate with each other not only in relation to the exploring of the feasibility of a potential joint technical developpment, but also a potential commercial cooperation scheme in the transport sector.
“We have the expertise of developing rail signalling projects with Tetra, not only with tests and essays but with actual references that are currently in operation and that demonstrate that we are a valid partner regarding signalling applications,” Felipe Sanjuán, Transport Business Development Director said.
Teltronic’s end-to-end solution comprises all the elements of the communications system, offering an integrated solution that includes equipment for backhaul system infrastructure, specialized on-board radios and user interfaces and Control Centre specifically designed for transport environment, CeCo-TRANS.
Apart from supporting the signalling data transfer, the end-to-end solution enables Teltronic to offer services such as interconnection with PA and intercom systems, applications to manage and control fleets and for operating aid, on board communication networks to manage events and alarms and even real time CCTV in trains and stations.

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