Portugal to tender ETCS installation on several rail sections

Also, Portugal tenders the modernisation of the section between Guarda and Cerdeira of the North International Corridor. Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has put out to tender the installation of the ETCS signaling system in several lines with an expected investment of EUR 63.3 million.
These are the Norte – Línea del Norte and Beira Alta Line (Pampilhosa – Vilar Formoso) International Corridor, the South – Évora – Elvas and Línea del Este International Corridors (Elvas – Caia / Frontera) and the Complementary Corridors – Douro Line (Caíde-Régua.)
The contracts include the installation of ETCS and its integration into the Lisbon and Oporto control centers, new interoperable traffic control systems in international corridors and the automation and integration of level crossings.
Likewise, Infraestruturas de Portugal has put out to tender the contract for the modernisation work of the 14 kilometers stretch between Guarda and Cerdeira on Línea de Beira Alta Guarda-Vilar Formoso, which is integrated into the North International Corridor.
With an investment of EUR 11 million and an execution time of approximately ten months, the contract provides for the complete renewal of the track with the replacement of the bi-bloque sleepers for other multi-purpose monoblocks. In addition, the platform will be stabilised, the drainages and slopes will be improved, and the catenary and signaling and communications systems will be adapted.

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