Portugal signs signalling contract

Infraestruturas de Portugal awarded Thales Portugal – Sisint consortium a EUR 40.5 million contract for the installation of control-command and signalling systems on three railway lines. The contract includes the design, supply, assembly and maintenance of the system on the selected lines, as well as the assembly and maintenance of the ETCS and signalling systems on different sections of the National Railway Network (RFN).

The contract, which was signed on December 3 involves:

Douro Line, on Caíde-Marco section of Canaveses-Régua;

North International Corridor: on Aveiro-Vilar Formoso (Spanish border) on Beira Alta line (Pampilhosa-Vilar Formoso) – Atlantic Corridor;

South International Corridor: on the Évora-Elvas/Caia (Spanish border), Évora – Elvas – Caia section – Atlantic Corridor

The modernisation project is part of Portugal’s 2020 rail strategy which also includes the increase of the rail safety on the network by installation and modernisation of the control, command and signaling systems.

The installation of the signalling system also ensures the uniformity of the command and control systems with the existing ones on the railway network, as well as the improvement of operating conditions.

For the Beira Alta line, in 2015, Portugal received a EUR 375.86 million CEF funding for detail design studies and works for the upgrading of the Pampilhosa-Vilar Formoso section – 202 km. The upgraded interoperable link will allow the movement of longer (up to 750 metres) and heavier trains at an increased average reference speed of 100km/h. The project aims to contribute to achieving an interoperable connection between Aveiro and Vilar Formoso through the improvement of the existing Beira Alta Rail line from Pampilhosa to Vilar Formos. EUR 547.7 million is the values of the eligible costs.

For the Évora – Caia section, including the technical station at km 118 of the South Line, Portugal has received in 2014 a EUR 127.7 million funding from CEF covering the design studies and works for the renewal Évora-Évora Norte section as well as the construction of the new railway line between Évora Norte and Elvas/Caia (border with Spain). EUR 315.44 is the estimated cost of the project. The new interoperable line will allow the movement of 740m freight trains and will be designed for high-speed services, allowing trains to run at speeds of over 250 km/h. The project will enhance the railway connection between Portugal and Spain.

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