Poland: EIB to finance the modernization of Sochaczew – Swarzędz line

PKP PLKEuropean Investment Bank considers a EUR 200 million support for modernisation of railway section Sochaczew – Swarzędz, as part of the railway line between Warsaw and Poznan, forming 235 km of the core TEN-T network in Poland. The total cost of the project is estimated at EUR 650 million.
The project will complement the modernisation of the line that has been ongoing over the past decade. With the exception of European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) implementation, which will be the subject of a separate project, the project will bring the section into conformity with the requirements applicable to the TEN-T core network. In particular, the works will include removing some speed limitations, improving drainage, increasing the capacity of the electrical energy supply system, modernisation of signalling systems and improvements to accessibility of the stations.

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