Plovdiv railway station modernisation completed

The modernisation of Central Railway Station in Plovdiv was finalised and operates as a multimodal center, combining bus and rail transport. according to Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Ivaylo Moskovski, the concessionaire has invested BGN 7 million (EUR 3.58 million) so far and, according to the programme, it will invest another BGN 5 million (EUR 2.55 million) for the adjacent infrastructure around the station.
“I am extremely impressed with the restoration of the railway station, as it is also a monument of culture. It has been built by Viennese architects in the early 20th century. The whole construction, the roof and the Tsar’s waiting room in the railway station building are preserved and restored,” Moskovski said.
In Plovdiv, there are also carried out works for the construction of the railway junction, and currently, the first phase is in the final stage of its implementation. The tender procedures will be announced soon, the Minister stated. The EUR 100 million project envisages a complete lifting of the existing railway tracks at Plovdiv station and underground road passage will be built.

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