PKP Intercity received the modernised Combo carriages

Combo railcarsPKP Intercity received 40 out of 60 Combo railcars which have been modernised by the consortium of Pesa Bydgoszcz and ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki, marking the completion of the basic order.

The next stage represents the fulfillment of the terms of the contract under the option right, which means that by the end of 2021, 20 more such coaches will be delivered under the PLN 310 million (EUR 68.6 million) contract.

The interior of the coaches has been adequately soundproofed, while their walls and floor coverings are decorated with graphics with an animal motif.There are electric sockets and USB sockets in the compartments, and the toilet is equipped with a changing table for children.

The family compartments and a compartment for people with disabilities, including those in a wheelchair, have been separated. The vehicle also has a non-compartment and a space where bicycles can be safely transported. The special compartment in the carriages for the passengers with reduced mobility accommodate two attendants and was designed with two full-size seats and two places for a wheelchair with three-point seat belts.

The railcars are equipped with SOS buttons, individual lighting and air-conditioning control panel, individual tables and a large dustbin.The ramp allows passengers in a wheelchair to safely boarding the coach.They have automatic compartment doors and non-threshold floors to facilitate movement.All pictograms are translated in Braille.The vehicles also have contrasting entrance doors, door handles, handrails and buttons, located at a height appropriate for people in wheelchairs.The toilet is adapted to the needs of people in wheelchairs.

The bogies have been replaced with new 25AN4 type.

The delivery of the modernised coaches is one of several projects implemented by the Prsa-ZNTK consortium that signed with PKP Intercity contracts with a total value of over PLN 2 billion (EUR 446.38 million). The Combo railcars, the first on this type in Poland, are multifunctional carriages.  The contract has received a EU funding of PLN 91.55 million (EUR 20.26 million), through the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2014-2020 under which PKP Intercity has obtained a financing of PLN 653.7 million (EUR 144.67 million) for rolling stock modernisation.

The latest contract was signed in December 2020 under which the consortium will modernise 125 wagons of types 111A and 141A and will carry out their subsequent technical inspections at the third maintenance level.This year, the fleet of PKP Intercity will also be supplied by electric multiple units (EMU).

This contract is an important element of PKP Intercity rolling stock strategy worth PLN 19 billion (4.2 billion) until 2030, when the operator’s fleet will be new or modernided, which will ensure a high level of travel safety and comfort. The plans include investments in coaches, modern locomotives, electric multiple units, as well as push-pull double-deck wagons.

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