PKP Cargo introduces a new drone

PKP Cargo-dronaPKP Cargo has acquired a drone -“Bielik”- that is starting to patrol railway tracks and areas in use by the operator.
Last year, through the use of a drone fleet, Polish rail carrier reduced the theft of goods transported by nearly 50 percent. The new acquisition will help the company in taking better care of security of the supplies and railway infrastructure.
The new machine is equipped with a FULL HD 18 x ZOOM camera with a triple-axis gimbal stabiliser, with the ability to render high-resolution images. Furthermore, the device has a fast processor and a real-time system, allowing you to provide virtually zero latency in the transmission of signals. Data sent between desktop control and the drone is encrypted.
To date, the PKP Cargo fleet of drones has consisted of two types of machines, “the DJI Phantom 3” and “Eagle”. Drones transmit recorded live images to the headquarters of the Team for the Prevention of Threats. As a result, employees of the Team can respond quickly to theft and catch thieves red-handed.

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