ÖBB to start its largest project in Linz

In May, ÖBB will launch Linz Stadthafen marshaling yard remodeling works, investing EUR 43 million. All tracks, including the access section from the Gleisdreieck to the Stadthafen interchange station, will be electrified. In addition, ÖBB will also extend three tracks, construct one new track and convert all switches to be remotely controllable. The company will build new loop at Gleisdreieck and the station will be remotely controlled in the future.
The project is scheduled to be completed in 2022.
“The plants in the Linz industrial area will benefit from a significant increase in operational quality, which is reflected in the ability to handle longer trains [700m] and reduce downtimes, among other benefits, as trains will also come from the west directly into the Linz industrial area, ” Franz Bauer, CEO of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, said.
On 15 April, the preliminary work began, including clearing and the preparation of the construction site.
The conversion of the railway station Stadthafen brings an upgrade in the Verschub. In the future, the industrial location of Linz can be supplied with goods faster and more efficiently.
The Stadthafen railway station in the industrial area of the city of Linz is the central cargo handling center of the Upper Austrian region.
The conversion and expansion of the station brings advantages in the operational handling, providing simpler and faster procedures and at the same time more security. This also accommodates the steadily growing container throughput in the Port of Linz.
Photo: ÖBB/3D Schmiede

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