New Prague-Budapest rail link operated by RegioJet

Private rail transport operator Regiojet announced it would operate a new rail link between Prague and Budapest, via Brno and Vienna, starting with June 2020.

Prague-Budapest rail link

Led by founder Radim Jančura, Regiojet plans to further expand its current link between Prague and Vienna to Budapest, according to the official web site of the Government in Prague. Thus, RegioJet becomes a direct competitor of the Czech railway company (České dráhy) which operates the rail link between Prague and Budapest, via Bratislava, but also for the Austrian railway company, OBB, which operates the railway between Vienna and Budapest.

Local partners for the new Prague-Budapest rail link

RegioJet has implemented this project in collaboration with its local partners. In Hungary, it is connected to local transport company Continental Railway Solution, while in Austria, it has an ongoing collaboration with West Bahn operator.

RegioJet also operates a bus connection between Prague and Budapest. The trip takes about seven hours and ticket prices start from CZK 645 (25 euros). Train ticket tariffs have not been established yet. Train tickets for trips operated by national company České dráhy cost on average CZK 1,600 (62 euros), but there are also cheaper alternatives starting from CZK 520 (20 euros).

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