Kazakhstan invested more than EUR 1B invested in engineering industry

More than EUR 1B has been invested in the engineering industry for five years. It has been announced today by Minister of Investment and Development Asset Issekeshev during the II Forum of Mechanical Engineers Kazakhstan.
There has not been this amount of private investment in the history of Kazakhstan before. “It is important that the investment would come both as financial, and together with technologies and such companies in Kazakhstan as «GeneralElectric», «Alstom», «Toyota», «Siemens» and many others,” Issekeshev added.
“For five years, the volume of engineering production has increased almost 3 times. But there is still a lot of work. Attraction of investments in fixed assets of the industry has increased. If investment was about 10 billion tenge (EUR 43.3M) in 2008, it was 48 billion tenge (EUR 208M) last year. It is three and a half times more than in the year of investment, than for 4 years,” A. Issekeshev said.
Source: http://en.government.kz

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