Historic milestone for Brenner Base Tunnel

Brenner Base Tunnel reached a milestone on November 29 as 50% of the total tunnel excavations works were completed. 115 km of BBT 250-km tunnel system have been excavated.

The 50% of the excavation works represents 34 km for the railway tunnel, 43 km for the exploratory tunnel of 38 km of other tunnels.

Currently, construction works are carried out for four lots at Tulfes-Pfons and Pfons-Brenner in Austria, and Mules and the Isarco in Italy, where excavations have a 500m progress a day.

“We arrived at the turning point of this great work. The work that awaits us will be even more challenging, and for this, huge effort will be done to reach the common goal of the Brenner Base Tunnel,” said the directors of BBT SE, Martin Gradnitzer (the Austrian CEO of BBT SE) and Gilberto Cardola (the Italian CEO of BBT SE).

The BBT consists of two tubes, each 8.1 m wide, running 40-70 m apart from one another. The two tubes are linked every 333 m by connecting side tunnels. These can be used in emergencies as escape routes. This configuration conforms to the highest security standards for tunnels.

The Brenner Base Tunnel connect Italy and Austria through a 55 km tunnel between Innsbruck and Fortezza. The Brenner railway connects Munich and Verona on a 425-km line. The tunnel is part of Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor.

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