Feasibility study finalized for Vietnam-Laos railway line

A feasibility study for a proposed railway to link Vientiane (Laos) with Vung Ang Seaport in Vietnam has been completed. The study began in 2015 and was completed by officials and experts from Laos, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (ROK).
With USD 3 million in grant funding from Korea, the feasibility study assessed the proposed 555 km railway, which would pass through Thakhaek, the provincial capital of Khammuan. The study was carried out in two parts, the first for the whole route between Vientiane and Vung Ang, and the second for the 242 km section between Thakhaek and Vung Ang.
Three speeds are considered for the project, from 120 km per hour, to 150 km per hour and 200 km per hour. The study recommended 150 km per hour as the most appropriate train speed. For a line built for train speeds of 150 km, tunnels would make up 7.1 percent of the railway and bridges 2.7 percent. The study estimated that it would cost USD 5.06 billion to build the 555 km track between Vientiane and Vung Ang if the train speed were to be 150 km per hour.
The project has been supported by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) under cooperation between the Laos Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport from 2015-2017.

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