EIB evaluates the financing of Nis-Dimitrovgrad modernisation

The European Investment Bank may provide a EUR 179 million financing to Serbian Railways Infrastructure for the modernisation of Nis-Dimitrovgrad railway line.
The project involves the modernisation and reconstruction of the existing railway line Nis-Dimitrovgrad (approx. 96 km) and construction of railway by-pass around Nis (approx. 22 km). The total value of the project is EUR 268 million.
This summer, the Serbian government announced that it expects to finalise its talks with the European Investment Bank over receiving funding for the overhaul and electrify of the Nis-Dimitrovgrad railway.
The railway line is part of Corridor X, encompassing international routes E-70 and E-85, passing through Nis while connecting Paris to Istanbul and Budapest to Athens.
The part of the railway line going from Nis to the Bulgarian border is the only section of the Corridor X in Serbia which has not been electrified. The construction of the by-pass shall ensure the dislocation of freight transport from the centre of the city with accompanying electrification. This solution may contribute to further development of the city of Nis and the surrounding area.
The preliminary feasibility study with the general design for the construction of a single-track railway for the Nis bypass was completed and submitted to the State Review Commission in 2015.
The purpose of modernization and the completion of the railway bypass around the city of Nis is to make railway transport more competitive and to equalize and improve the duration of transport by railway and road. This project shall assist in redirecting the international road traffic to railway transport with all the benefits arising thereof with regard to environmental protection.

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