Denmark announces companies shortlisted to deliver new EMUs

The tender for the procurement of at least 100 electric multiple-units, announced by Danish Railways, has attracted the attention of the European rolling stock manufacturers. Four of them have been shortlisted: Alstom Denmark, Bombardier Transportation Denmark, Siemens Mobility and Stadler Bussnang.
The four European manufacturers will have to prepare their first negotiation offer until the beginning of 2019. Once every negotiation bid is submitted, Danish Railways (DSB) will launch dialogue with every company separately.
At the beginning of 2020, rolling stock manufacturers will submit their final offer and the contract will include both the delivery of the new multiple-units and their maintenance.
Danish Railways estimates that the attribution of the contract will occur at the middle of 2020 with the first train ready for commercial service in 2024.
The full delivery of the entire new rolling stock fleet will be established only after signing the contract with the winner.
The new trains will be used for long-distance traffic and on regional routes.
Another requirement is that the multiple-units will be capable to run at 120 km/h, but the contract will also include the option of trains running at 250 km/h.


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