Croatian Railways to receive EUR 430 million financing

According to the Croatian Minister of Transport, Oleg Butković, the European Commission approved a series of 32 transport projects totalling HRK 3.2 billion (EUR 430 million). “The Connecting Europe Facility is one of the many instruments we use to finance transport projects that are in conformity with the strategies of Croatia and of the European Union. The funds thus obtained will be used to co-finance the preparation of necessary documents and the development of projects including the construction, reconstruction and modernisation of transport infrastructure”, said Minister Oleg Butković.

Railway transport received a significant share of the funds available through the Connecting Europe Facility, while some of the most important projects refer to the reconstruction of Rijeka – Brajdica rail station, the construction of an intermodal terminal in Brajdica container terminal and the rehabilitation of Križevci – Koprivnica railway.

At the moment, Croatia carries out a major rail rehabilitation and modernisation project on Dugo Selo – Križevci route.

“This is one of the most important rail infrastructure projects developed in Croatia”, declared Tihomir Lažeta, project manager Croatian Railways (Hrvatske željeznice). Works are carried out on the 38-km section and amount to HRK 1.5 billion (EUR 201 million). 85% of funds were granted by the European Union through the Regional Development Fund, while the rest of the funds came from the state budget. Works also include the duplication of the railway, while the existing railway will be upgraded. Under the first phase, launched this summer, modernisation works are carried out on Vrbovec – Križevci section, while Dugo Selo – Vrbovecsection will be upgraded in the second phase, launched on 7 September.

The modernisation of Dugo Selo – Križevci railway for speeds of 160 km/h will have to be completed by 2020.

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