Contract signed for the cross-sea monorail in Salvador

Tyler Li, General Manager of BYD Brazil, and the Governor of Bahia, Rui Costa, signed a contract to build a SkyRail in Salvador, Brazil, which will be part of city’s LRT and the existing metro system.
The construction on the 20-km line will start within six months and be fully operational by 2021.
The seaside route will be partially built above the sea to connect Salvador’s central business district to São João Island.
A BYD-led consortium, consisting of BYD Brazil and Metrogreen, first won the bid for the contract in May 2018. The consortium will be responsible for the implementation and operation of the system, with the work to be carried out through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
“With the VLT, the suburban population will have a fast, comfortable mode of transport that also opens space for the development of the city. New businesses will develop and we will attract enterprises to build commercial, residential, leisure and job-generating facilities. From a new transport system, we will also have opportunities for growth,” said Governor Rui Costa.
Parks and resorts are planned to be built under the SkyRail line, and community facilities, such as police stations and service centers will be added in the monorail stations.
The system will transport 150,000 passengers per day providing seamless transport for the city of 2.9 million residents.

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