CFR Calatori, consultancy for Bucharest-Constanta

Romanian national rail passengers’ transport operator CFR Calatori plans to contract consultancy services for the elaboration of a feasibility study for rolling stock procurement on Bucharest – Constanta route.

“Although passenger traffic in Romania has dropped significantly in the past ten years, it stabilised starting with 2014, as CFR Calatori remained the main rail passenger transport company. Most rail passenger services are still working with refurbished locomotives and coaches.

Although CFR Calatori’s fleet of cars includes over 3,000 vehicles, only 660 of them are less than 20-year old. The other two thirds of the rolling stock fleet, which include old vehicles, don’t meet the technical and comfort requirements of the transport market. The maintenance and exploitation of old rolling stock requires higher costs, as they broke down more frequently”, says CFR Calatori in the tender book.

As of 2012, CFR Calatori has no longer received funds from the state budget for investments and the effects are obvious.

Over the next ten years, around 40% of the existing fleet of cars will meet the scrapping conditions. The objective of CFR Calatori’s investment plan is to replace old vehicles with a modern rolling stock fleet of classic trains (locomotives and cars) and multiple-units.

“The objective of the rolling stock procurement contract stipulates the acquisition of dual-system electric multiple-units (25 kV, 50Hz) for speeds of 160 km/h with 1435 mm gauge. The command system of electric multiple-units has to allow multiple command of at least two such multiple-units. The vehicles will be used for regional transport.

According to another requirement, the new multiple-units should meet the requirements of the technical interoperability specifications”, shows the tender book.

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