Call for tender on the review of technical solutions for Divača—Koper second track launched

friumosAt the end of January, the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency released a public call for tender on the selection of the contractor for the review of technical solutions and possible rationalisation and optimisation for the second track of the Divača—Koper railway line.
The awarding criteria is based on a 80 percent in term of price, and 20 percent in terms of the deadline. The duration of the contract is 5 months.
Interested companies should submitt their offer until March 4, 2016.
We remind that on January 7, 2016, Slovenian Government adopted an important decision regarding further steps for the construction of the Divača—Koper second track. The Government has tasked the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance to drawn up a draft Act on the construction of a new railway link between Divača and Koper by 30 March 2016. The Act is to include arrangements for all the necessary bases for construction and operation of the new rail link and for construction and operation of additional transhipment storage capacities and other logistics-related activities.
The government has also tasked the Ministry of Infrastructure to provide by 30 June 2016, a study of evaluated variant solutions for the rail link between Divača and Koper with the aim of optimising the project and to prepare a draft of the final selection of the most appropriate solution.
In addition, in January, the Slovenian government decided to establish a special company which will manage the construction and operation of the planned second railway line between the port of Koper and the Divača hub and additional transshipment infrastructure in the port. The planned company would only manage the second rail line, while the rest of the railway infrastructure would remain in the hands of national railway operator Slovenske Železnice. Potential private partners and countries in the region would be offered to acquire stakes in the company by providing capital injections, while the Slovenian state would keep a minority stake.

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