CAF wins a new train contract

high speed power carsRenfe Board of Directors approved the contract with Talgo for the supply of 40 high speed power cars with a value of EUR 281.5 million. The firm order covers the delivery of 26 vehicles worth EUR 195.5 million.

The contract includes comprehensive maintenance of up to 19 converted cars, with the operator reserving the execution of second-level interventions.

The vehicles will allow Renfe to form Ave trains with the compositions of Talgo cars transformed into what will be operator’s new 107 series.

The contract consists of two lots. The first covers the supply of 26 high speed power cars together with comprehensive maintenance, as well as their integration and coupling with the compositions of transformed cars. They will form the Ave trains with movable rolling and dual voltage with a maximum speed of 330 km/h, with the option of acquiring up to 14 additional locomotives.

The second lot includes the provisioning of comprehensive maintenance for 13 converted car compositions, with the option of 6 additional car compositions. During the entire duration of the maintenance contract, Renfe reserves the execution of the activity related to the so-called “second level interventions”, both power heads and the cars.

The contract is part of Renfe’s Fleet Renewal Plan launched in 2019. The operator is making the largest investment effort in recent decades to purchase new rolling stock to help boost economic recovery, with tenders exceeding by together EUR 3.5 billion that will generate around 52,000 new jobs.

The first of these tenders was awarded to CAF for the supply of 37 trains, and the partial maintenance of the train fleet for a period of 15 years. EUR 258 million euros is the value of the contract.

Subsequently, Renfe awarded Alstom and Stadler the contract for the purchase of 211 high-capacity trains for Cercanías, for a total amount of EUR 2.44 billion. Both batches include the supply of spare parts and the provision of maintenance services for 15 years.

Renfe also has pending the purchase of 72 hybrid trains for medium distance services and for the Cercanías, for a total amount of EUR 1.3 billion. The company’s board of directors decided last April to make a new tender for this contract, with the aim of the new trains having technologies such as hydrogen to run on non-electrified tracks.


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