Renfe awards Alstom and Stadler EUR 2.44 billion contracts

Cercanias trainsRenfe awarded Alstom and Stadler contracts with a total value of EUR 2.445 billion to supply 211 large-capacity Cercanias trains for rail commuter services. The tender was launched in 2019.

176 trains will have a length of 100 metres each and 35 trains will be 200 metres-long.

The contract is divided into two lots. Alstom will deliver 152 100m-long trains under a EUR 1.45 billion contract and Stadler Rail Valencia will supply 24 100m-long trains and the 35 trains, with a total value of EUR 998 million.

The contracts also include the delivery of spare parts and tools as well as the provision of the maintenance services for a period of 15 years. 51% of the maintenance services will be the responsibility of the winner company, while 49% will be carried out by the Renfe Fabricación y Mantenimiento company.

The new trains for Cercanías will increase the capacity by 20% compared with Civia trains, adding at least 900 additional seats and will also minimise the waiting time during at the entrance and exit of the passengers, through an advanced design with a minimum of 10 doors and large lobbies.

All the trains services will be fully accessible for passengers with reduced mobility, will have Wi-Fi connection and will provide special areas for bicycles and children strollers.

The contract is part of Renfe’s fleet renewal programme launched in 2019 with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and improvement of public services in the coming years. The project involves the renewal of 50% of the Cercanías trains for suburban transport services.

In the recent decades, Renfe has invested for rolling stock procurement to boost the economic recovery. The tenders have a total value of EUR 3.5 billion that will generate around 52,000 new jobs.

At the end of December, Renfe and CAF signed a EUR 258 million contract for the supply of a total fleet of 37 trains, including the maintenance services for a period of 15 years.

In the coming months, Renfe plans to award two contracts for the procurement of 43 medium-distance and 38 Cercanias hybrids trains which will be used for service in different autonomous communities. It is also planned the award of a contract for the acquisition of 40 high-speed trains.





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