Bern extends main rail station

First phase of extension works exceeds EUR 900 million


The first phase of the project for the extension of the most important rail station in Bern, Zukunft, managed by Swiss Railways (SBB), was launched. Works include the improvement of efficiency, capacity and S-Bahn services. The deadline for this first phase is 2025. The second phase is scheduled to begin in 2035. Zukunft rail station ranks second in Switzerland in terms of rail traffic, after Zurich rail station, and, therefore, has reached its capacity limit.

The first phase consists of the construction of a new underground terminal for RBS services (regional transport services on narrow gauge). More precisely, four underground lines will be built under the existing railways from platform 2 to 7 of Zukunft rail station.

SBB estimates that the first phase will be initiated in November 2017. Total cost of works in the first phase amounts to CHF 1 billion (EUR 904 million).

The second phase consists of the construction of a new tunnel called “Mitte” with access to the centre of Bubenberg and another in Länggasse area. Road transport will be also reorganised in Bern in conformity with the station extension project.

Moreover, the second phase includes the construction of four new railways to increase the number of S-Bahn, regional and long-distance transport services.

Extension works will be carried out within STEP (Strategic Development Programme for Rail Infrastructure) coordinated by the Federal Transport Office, the Swiss cantons in that area and rail operators. The second phase is expected to be completed in 2040.

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