Banedanmark selects Fugro for rail network survey

Danish railway infrastructure manager, Banedanmark, awarded Fugro a 4-year framework agreement for train-borne lidar scanning of its infrastructure using our Rila system for quick and accurate digital surveys.
The system will be used to simultaneously acquire lidar data and imagery of the track and surrounding environment to create a highly accurate, information-rich model of country’s railway infrastructure. This so-called ‘digital twin’ will enable Banedanmark to detect any objects in conflict with their railway infrastructure clearance profile and perform clearance gauge mapping, essential for the safe operation of the network.
This is first time when Banedanmark uses train-borne lidar technology. Previously, the company used traditional terrestrial methods so acquiring lidar data via a mobile platform will dramatically reduce the need for on-track surveyors and provide accelerated data capture.
“We look forward to an ongoing cooperation with Fugro to survey the Danish rail network. With 190 million passengers and 3000 trains passing through Denmark, safety is a major driver. The data that Fugro delivers will enable our teams to supervise the structure gauge and improve infrastructure maintenance predictions,” Charlotte Lomholt, project manager at Banedanmark, said.
Data collection will begin in autumn 2019, followed by a full network capture from 2020 onwards. The resulting datasets will be imported into Banedanmark’s existing software and made available via Fugro’s web-based Rila Portal. The portal provides a single point of truth (SPOT) dataset from which users can view and download data, inspect and analyse assets, and share and extract value from asset data more efficiently than ever before.
The data will benefit many of Banedanmark’s business activities, including track maintenance, asset management, landscaping, and detailed design by the construction and signalling divisions.

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