American transit agencies need emergency funding

The American Public Transport Association, APTA, asked Congress to provide USD 16 billion funding to public transit agencies to offset the extraordinary direct costs and revenue losses caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to APTA, the industry is seeing dramatic reductions in ridership due to the workplace restrictions, with an estimated USD 14 billion in losses expected in both fare and sales tax revenue. In addition, USD 2 billion is needed for direct costs including upgraded cleaning.

“It cannot be overstated, without these funds, the overwhelming majority of public transit agencies will be required to either drastically curtail services or suspend services altogether,” Paul Skoutelas, APTA President, said.

Recently, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced it needs a USD 4 billion support in federal funding due to coronavirus pandemic.

The legislative action should include funding to support essential public transport services across the country.

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