Africa Union and China sign MoU

(21)EGYPT-SHARM EL-SHEIKH-AU SUMMIT-ASSEMBLY-CLOSING CEREMONYThe Africa Union (AU) and the Chinese Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on an open cooperation within the framework of Agenda 2063. Africa Union Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkossazana Dilamini Zuma and Special Envoy of the Chinese Government and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Zhang Ming signed the MoU.
„Among other things, we discussed that we could cooperate with China on a number of areas at continental level and those were mainly around infrastructure,” Zuma said.
She said that both have worked together on those issues between then and now, and they have come up with this MoU that covers high-speed railways, highways, aviation and industrialization.
„So, we think that this MoU is really the first that we are signing on the basis of Agenda 2063. We are looking at it as a long term project. It will also accelerate our integration,” Zuma added.
„After in depth study carried out by the two sides, today, we have signed the MoU to construct the three major networks and the industrialization process,” Zhang said. He stressed that it is a grand and ambitious but feasible project.
The cooperation agreement with regard to the project is said to be a long-term plan but it is not yet known how much it costs in terms of money and which countries of the continent will be the first beneficiaries.


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