82 stations to be modernised in the Czech Republic

SŽDC is preparing reconstruction and repairs works for 60 train stations throughout the Czech Republic and by 2022, it is expected that 82 railway stations will be modernised, under the programme unveiled in June 2018.

The infrastructure manager is elaborating the documentation for a building permit or an application for issuing a territorial decision for 49 more construction sites.

13 station buildings are already renovated, and reconstruction works will be launched for 26 stations with completion scheduled for the end of 2020.

Currently, the reconstruction of passenger buildings is also under way at Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Havířov, Křižanov, Šternberk or Přerov. Reconstruction of the Fanta building facade at Prague Main station started as well. Repairs of large historical station buildings highly expected by the public at České Budějovice, Plzeň or Pardubice are also in preparation.

Works will start at České Budějovice station next May. The listed building will be completely renovated to become a worthy gateway to the South Bohemian capital. Together with the passenger building repairs, a revitalization of adjoining outside premises is also expected.

In 2020, a complete renovation of the historical building at Plzeň main station as a listed building should be launched. The reconstruction has as objective to return the station building its architectonically valued original shape.

Another important investment is prepared by SŽDC will take place in Pardubice. The unique building of the local main station will experience complete reconstruction including a new dispositional solution of internal premises and building escalators to the underpass.

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