Vinci to build operation facilities for Grand Paris Line 18

operation and maintenance centreSociété du Grand Paris has awarded Chantiers Modernes Construction (Vinci Construction) the contract to build the operation and maintenance centre for the future Line 18 of the Grand Paris Express. The centre will be located in Palaiseau.

EUR 82 million is the value of the contract and 20% of its total has been awarded to SMEs. It covers roadworks and utility networks, earthworks, the structure, the envelope, finishing work, technical installations and industrial equipment.

The facilities will be near École Polytechnique, an engineering school, and span about 64,000 square metres in total. They will include an infrastructure maintenance base to service the line’s equipment, a maintenance base and depot for the automatic metro line’s trains with lengths of 45 to 60 metres, a central control room to coordinate, supervise and regulate traffic and technical facilities such as the Tour en Fosse building, electrical utility rooms and security post.

During this construction of the operation and maintenance centre, 10% of the hours worked will be set aside for people on social integration programmes. Vinci will also involve its endowment fund, Chantiers et Territoires Solidaires, which supports non-profits’ initiatives to create jobs and foster community life in the towns and cities surrounding Grand Paris Express projects.

The new Line 18 will connect Orly Airport and Versailles Chantiers within 32 minutes. The ten stations will serve south west Paris’ most strategic hubs. The line will have 35 km of which 21 km underground and 14 km of elevated crossing Plateau de Saclay.

This awarded contract follows the one for the Line 14 maintenance base and depot in Morangis, situated in south of Paris, awarded in 2018.

The Vinci Group is also involved in other works packages for the Grand Paris Express, where it is leveraging synergies among its subsidiaries and combining their expertise in underground works, urban development, rail works, information technologies, data and electrical engineering.


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