Vinci consortium wins a new contract for Grand Paris Express

Grand Paris Express viaductSociété du Grand Paris awarded the consortium led by Vinci Construction the contract to build the Grand Paris Express viaduct for the metro line 18.

EUR 193 million is the value of the contract, of which 20% will go to SMEs.

The covers the construction of a 6.7 km – long viaduct between Massy-Palaiseau and the future overhead CEA Saint-Aubin station. The consortium will perform all the civil engineering work on this 6.7 km engineering structure, with the voussoirs being precast locally. The viaduct will be located towards the middle of line 18, a metro line that will connect ten stations between Orly airport and Versailles.

The construction works must be completed within 30 months.

The consortium is composed of Vinci Construction Grands Projets, the lead company, Dodin Campenon Bernard, Chantiers Modernes Construction and Freyssinet, subsidiaries of Vinci Construction, and Razel-Bec, subsidiary of the Fayat Group.

The contract will contribute to the development of the Plateau de Saclay, a centre of excellence that is home to a cluster of research labs, university campuses and higher education establishments.

The Grand Paris Express viaduct project will employ 400 people at its peak and the equivalent of 10 full-time jobs will be created for people in back-to-work programmes over the 30-month project. Vinci will also mobilise its endowment fund, Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires, which supports employment and community initiatives located near Grand Paris Express worksites.

Work on the first section of Line 18 has begun and is being carried out by another consortium also led by Vinci Construction. The Vinci Group is involved in other works packages of the Grand Paris Express, combining the expertise of and synergies between its subsidiaries Vinci Construction for underground works, Eurovia for urban development and railway works, and Vinci Energies for information technology, data and electrical engineering.

Line 18 will connect Orly airport to Versailles by 2030, serving along the way the Innovation and Research clusters of the Saclay Plateau, as well as large residential areas and labour pools in the Yvelines and Essonne “départements”. The line will offer interconnection points with RER lines B and C, and with the extended Line 14 at Orly airport. In 2024, the Line 18 will serve Orly airport / CEA Saint-Aubin, while in 2030 the extension to Versailles Chantiers will be operational.


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