Texol receives the first articulated tank cars

articulated tank carsUWC has shipped the first six-axle articulated tank cars for light refined products to Texol Group, one of the largest rail operators and freight car owners in Kazakhstan.

The Tikhvin tank car car model 15-629 is a new serial product in the group product line. It is a unique transport solution allowing the transport of a whole car load of light-weight refined products while considering all infrastructural constraints and specific features of oil products transport.

“Our company is already very familiar with articulated tank cars. The experience gained from operating LHG cars has shown that one should not be afraid of all novelties in the market. Articulated tank cars are compatible with the infrastructure, are reliable in operation and carry a significantly higher cargo volume,” Sergey Gorsky, the General Director of Texol Trans Service said.

The total volume of the two boilers of the tank car is 160 m³, and the load capacity is 108 tonnes. The design features ensure maximum utilisation of the car load capacity during the transport of light refined products with low density, of up to 0.84 t/m³, such as gas condensate, some grades of diesel fuel, etc.

Due to this competitive advantage, the tank car provides a reduction of up to 20% of transport costs per one tonne of cargo, depending on its density. By reducing the tare weight, the number of running parts, and the resulting reduced impact on the track, the infrastructure also benefits from the operation of such cars.

These tank cars can be operated as part of mixed trains with 4-axle railcars and is compatible with existing discharge and loading terminals. The parameters and design of the operating equipment, including 1.7 times higher setting pressure of the applied safety valves than the standard one, allow safe transport of refined products with a high degree of danger. The service life of a Tikhvin six-axle articulated tank car model 15-629 is 40 years.

In 2019, UWC and Texol signed a contract for the supply of 400 24-m long articulated tank cars.


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