UWC launches first articulated tank cars for CIS countries

United Wagon Company (UWC) and TEXOL Group (one of the largest freight car operators and owners in Kazakhstan) signed a contract for the delivery of 400 articulated tank cars for the transport of liquefied petroleum gas (GPL). The articulated cars are specifically designed for the railway market in the CIS countries with unique technical and operational features for the transport of this type of dangerous cargo.
The operation of the new wagons entering TEXOL fleet will be constantly monitored and controlled. The tank cars will carry liquefied petroleum gas from Irkutsk Oil Company factory, an independent unit and one of the largest hydrocarbon manufacturers in the Russian Federation.
The tank cars are designed specifically for cost-efficient long-distance transport. The volume of a tank car is 163.1 m3 and is capable to carry 90 tonnes of GPL. This means twice as much cargo compared to standard GPL tank cars.
Since the transport volume is higher, it will no longer be necessary to add more cars to one transport.
The singularity of the design of these tank cars consists in the fact that each of them is equipped with two tanks connected through an articulated hinge designed to facilitate vertical or lateral loading.
Each car is 24-m long and the hinge with a specific design ensures seamless transport with both a single articulated car and in connection with a standard car, in straight line or on rail curve sections, including in curves with a small radius.
Since the localisation of fittings is the same with that of standard, 12-m long cars, the articulated cars manufactured by UWC are easy to maintain in standard terminals.
The six-axle tank car is equipped with a suspension for a 25cs axle load and the braking system is mounted directly on the bogie which ensures efficient and safe braking. The tank cars were designed by TikhvinChemMash, a subsidiary of the United Wagon Company.
Several services centres have been created for their maintenance and repair in the areas of the countries with 1520 mm gauge, including three centres in Kazakhstan in the cities of Pavlodar, Kazalinsk and Karaganda.

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