Tashkent acquires new metro trains

metro trainsMetrowagonmash, part of Transmashholding and the Tashkent Metro signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of 10 four-car metro trains (40 metro cars) planned to be delivered by the end of this year.

The project is funded by a loan provided by VEB.RF, Russia’s national economic development institution and by EximBank of Russia.

According to the contract, each metro train will consist of two head motor cars, one intermediate motor car and one intermediate non-motorised metro car.

The metro cars of the 81-765.5/766.5/767.5 series are equipped with inter-car passages and have a modular design with a through passage to allow passenger movement without restrictions. The cars will have double-leaf reclining-sliding doors with 1.4 metres wide. They will be equipped with external light signal warning passengers when vehicle door is about to open or close.

The new metro trains are designed to meet the requirements of the passengers with reduced mobility, providing dedicated places for wheelchairs at the head of the carriages.

Each passenger car is equipped with touchscreen information monitors with interactive search capabilities for the destination station, route planning, and travel time calculation.

Each metro car will be fitted with air conditioning and air disinfection systems. The driver’s cabs will be equipped with video surveillance system. The windshield of the driver’s cab will be equipped with an adjustable manual sunscreen, taking into account the peculiarities of the Tashkent Metro considering that some of the metro lines run at the surface.

The trains will be equipped with asynchronous electric traction engines and are designed for a speed of 90 km/h.

The service life of metro cars and bogie frames is designed for 30 years.

Tashkent operates five metro trains of 81-765.5/766.5/767.5 model acquired in 2019. They are similar to the one operating the metro systems in Moscow, Kazan and Baku.


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