Metrovagonmash dispatched five metro trains to Tashkent

Metrovagonmash has sent to Tashkent the five 4-car metro trains, under a contract signed between the two companies in October 2018.
According to the agreement, each train consists of two head motor cars, one intermediate motor car, and one intermediate non-motor car.
Under the contract, which includes maintenance services for 30 years,  a set of spare parts and materials, necessary for the maintenance of these metro cars will be supplied.
Compared to the existing cars, the new ones have wider doorways (1,400mm), have new light warning system for opening and closing doors. They are low-stress wheels with sound absorbers and are equipped with modern asynchronous traction motor, air conditioning, ventilation and air disinfection systems.
Environmentally friendly materials were used for these new metro cars.
Metrovagonmash and Tashkent Metro have a long-mutually beneficial cooperation. Since 1977, the Russian manufacturer delivered to Uzbekistan capital more than 20 metro trains.

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