Sinara completes tram concession agreement for Rostov-on-Don

Rostov-on-Don tramSinara – GTR consortium has completed the development of the concession procedure for the modernisation and expansion of Rostov-on-Don tram system, including the supply of new rolling stock.

The concession agreement involves the construction of 104 km of tram tracks, two depots and the purchase of 61 three-section light rail vehicles, as well as the modernisation of 30 one-section trams purchased by the city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The entire project is expected to be completed in 2028.

The document highlights four stages covering the modernisation of the existing infrastructure and the construction of new sections.

The first phase includes three projects involving the construction of a tram line from the intersection of Stanislavskogo Street to the Leventsovsky district, the construction of the first new depot and modenrnisation and construction works for the tram section linking Michurin Square and Budennovsky Avenue (Central Market).

Modernisation and construction work for the tram section connecting Maxim Gorky Street with Budennovsky Avenue to the Selmash railway station and the tram line from Rostov-Glavny train station to the hospital for veterans of wars are included in the second and fourth stages. The third phase involves the construction of a new tram line from Stanislavsky Street to Verkhny Temernik district.

“Rostov-on-Don tram network is a typical 1435 mm gauge infrastructure, and we will preserve this unique feature of the city. This will entail a number of technological difficulties in the design and production of the rolling stock, but such a solution fit into the existing system of urban transport infrastructure,” Evgeny Vasiliev, General Director of Sinara-GTR said.

The public-private investments to implement the project worth RUB 62 billion (USD 1 billion) and the concession is proposed to be concluded for a period of 25 years, taking into account four years of construction and installation work on the project.

The company is currently carrying out design and survey work, which includes updating the territorial planning documentation, creating and submitting documentation for the first stage for state expertise, and if the project is successfully approved, it will be possible to start construction work by the end of this year.

In 2016, the city of Rostov-on-Don selected the Russian company PC Transport Systems to deliver 16 City Star trams which were assembled by Transmashholding at its Tver Carriage Works. The 16.5m-long single-section vehicles have a capacity of up to 170 passengers. The City Star trams are designed to operate the 1524 mm and 1435 mm gauge without changing the body frame design.

Russia is in the concession stage of the public transport system, the first such agreement being was signed 2021 for Taganrog city which in September opened two new tram branches. Sinara is deeply involved in this process creating a joint venture with the Regional Concession Companies under which USD 93.3 million financing was delivered for the modernisation and expansion of Taganrog tram network. USD 161 million was the value of the project covering the construction and modernisation of 45 km of new tracks and the supply of 60 single-section 100% low-floor light rail vehicles.

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