RZD unveils a new passenger carriage capsule concept

The Russian Railways and Transmashholding have presented the first concept for a capsule passenger car on 11 June 2021 during the first Russian forum Travel!, which was held in Moscow at the VDNKh, Russia’s permanent Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.

The interior concept was developed by the National Centre for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB.

“We have consulted many passengers and designers and consistently looked to its realisation and implemented all those innovations and services that are now so popular, such as sockets, curtains, lighting solutions, luggage spaces and much more. We are now waiting for the assessments and reviews, after which the carriage’s concept will be finalised, constructed and commissioned,” Dmitry Pegov, the Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways said.

These new carriages will enjoy considerable demand on so-called rotation trips, during which the train travels quickly over a long distance, and passengers replace each other along the route.

When developing the concept for the capsule car’s interior, Russian and international passenger experience was studied and the opinions of the passengers and drivers were taken into account.

A distinctive feature of the carriage is the implementation of the layout in the T dimension, which sees the width of the carriage increased by 28 cm and the length by 73 cm compared to the standard rolling stock. Each capsule has a seat/berth which is by 15 cm longer than the usual dimensions in carriages.

The resized salon and rearrangement of the interior space, provides increased space for passengers and luggage storage.

The new concept of the capsule carriage accommodates 56 individual capsule places, 28 at the bottom and 28 on the top. The capsules are located along the central aisle and separated from the passenger compartment by an opaque curtain which prevents most light from passing through.

The sleeping area is surrounded by an ergonomically shaped backrest in the form of an armchair and the passengers can sit comfortably and use the adjacent table, which also has recesses to hold glasses. USB sockets and light switches are provided on the side surface, between the back and the table top.

The lighting concept was created specifically for the capsule car variant. The curtain rods have built-in contour lighting and several brighter diodes that act as an individual light. Passengers can use both options at the same time or separately.

Between the table and the wall at the passenger’s feet is a wide space where travellers can put their personal belongings or small luggage.

A feature of the concept is also a variable luggage storage system located under the lower capsule or in a special luggage compartment in the carriage.

The new version of the capsule passenger car concept also includes a vending area. A separate waste collection system is provided.

Particular attention has been paid to hygiene issues which feature a water and air disinfection system, contactless taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers. Antibacterial materials are used in the interior decoration.

The new carriage concept was created for the Federal Passenger Company (FPK), a subsidiary of Russian Railways.

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