CAF wins EUR 300 million train contract

medium distance hybrid trainsRenfe awarded CAF a EUR 300 million contract for the supply of 28 medium distance hybrid trains with an option for up to 42 additional trains.

The contract also includes the supply of any corresponding spare parts, as well as comprehensive maintenance services for 17 of these units for a term of 15 years. This maintenance model through a joint venture between Renfe and the manufacturer has been the usual one in train awards since 2005. The novelty introduced by this award is that Renfe reserves the full maintenance of the remaining 11 trains, maintenance which will be carried out at the various Renfe’s manufacturing and maintenance facilities, which additionally means an internalisation of this type of tasks and an increase in the workload for the company’s own workshops.

The electric-battery trains will be designed to run at a maximum speed of 200 km/h and due to the battery equipment, it will be able to run short distances autonomously on sections of the network where there is no catenary or when a power cut occurs.

The acquisition of new medium distance hybrid trains aims to guarantee maximum efficiency in the operation of the new fleet and the lowest cost over a long period of time. The energy efficient fleet will replace the existing diesel trains and will increase the safety and reliability of railways.

The contract is part of the fleet renewal plan launched by Renfe in 2019, which will involve the renewal of approximately 50% of the rolling stock dedicated to Public Service Obligations (OSP).

EUR 4.6 billion is the value of the rolling stock strategy which envisages the procurement of 418 new high-speed, commuter and medium distance trains, as well as metric gauge vehicles. The fleet renewal is also supported by the European Investment Bank that in 2020 approved

The European Investment Bank has approved a EUR 320 million funding for Renfe train procurement covering 72 bi-mode suburban vehicles for Valencia and Murcia railway network. EUR 642 million is the value of the project for which EIB will provide this funding.

Under the programme, in 2021 Renfe signed EUR 2.44 billion contracts for the supply of 211 new high-capacity Cercanías trains which are in manufacturing process.

Last year, Renfe and CAF signed a EUR 258 million contract for the delivery of 37 metre gauge trains for suburban and medium distance transport services.

Renfe says that its plan will contribute to the creation of 52,000 jobs.

In addition, the Spanish operator announced a EUR 35 million investment to modernise 44 trains with new interior design and installation of new equipped providing passengers increased comfort.

The company wants to deliver increased capacity providing 900 seats on the new 100-metre long trains which represents a capacity increase of 20% compared to the existing Civia train fleet. The high-capacity trains that will be 200-metre long will double the number of seats. In addition, the new trains will be designed to be coupled in various number of coaches being adapted to the demand of services on certain routes depending on the season or destination.


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