RegioJet begins daily train frequency for Rijeka-Prague route

Rijeka-Prague daily frequency trainFollowing high demand, RegioJet begins the Rijeka-Prague daily frequency train service, two weeks after the launch of the new direct rail connection, which also provides links to other cities. Daily trains depart in both directions from Prague and Rijeka offering direct connection also from and to Bratislava, Ljubljana, Csorna (Hungary) or Brno and Pardubice in the Czech Republic.

The train service also provides an extended number of bicycles’ spaces, which can be booked for transport to 30 and launched “silent” couchette coaches for those who want to relax and sleep without any disturbing during the whole journey.

RegioJet has sold more than 40,000 tickets since has put on sale the summer tickets in June.

For a trip in a coach with seats, passengers pay the price from EUR 22 and EUR 30 is the value for a ticket to a couchette car. They include seat reservation and on-board services that passengers receive during the trip such as coffee and breakfast, internet connection or free entertainment portal and other on-board services.

The Rijeka-Prague daily frequency train service also provides transport links in Bratislava connecting with RegioJet buses from Vienna, of Dresden area in Germany, connecting to the train in Prague.

In Croatia, the train service has bus connections from Opatija Matulji and Rijeka to different Croatian Riviera destinations for a price of EUR 7.5 or EUR 11 depending on the route distance. For interconnected services, the buses will always leave after the arrival of the train from Prague and the transfer of passengers, and in opposite direction, the links are guaranteed as passengers will arrive by bus before the train departs. Transfers can be used for 30 destinations.

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