RATP Dev secures contract for Belgrade metro

The City of Belgrade has renewed its contract with RATP Dev for early operator assistance for the upcoming three lines of the Belgrade metro system, following a Memorandum of Understanding signed in September 2023.

As part of the agreement, RATP Dev will contribute its extensive international operator experience and expertise to review and advise on the functional design and specifications of the future metro system. This assistance focuses on operations and maintenance, safety, passenger experience, and life cycle cost optimisation.

“We will continue to work hand in hand to design the right metro system, so as to ensure that Belgrade’s future public transport network is effective, dependable, and attractive. We are contributing our integrated expertise in operations and maintenance as well as our global experts to advance BMV’s vision and serve the City and its communities” Hiba Farès, the CEO of RATP Dev said.

According to Beogradski Metro i Voz, the contract includes the establishment of a management company, employment and training of personnelwho will be engaged in the operation of the Belgrade metro, as well as the preparation of procedures for management and maintenance, installation of IT systems, support for testing and commissioning. Also, the contract defines the management, maintenance and commercial activities related to the project. This contract refers to part of the design and part of the preparation for the use and functioning of the metro system, as the next phase.

“A safe, efficient and functional metro system is a very important part of the users of transport system of the city of Belgrade. The construction of the metro is of crucial importance for the improvement of public transport in the capital and the improvement of the overall quality of life of the citizens of Belgrade, but also for the comprehensive economic and technological development of society,” said the secretary of the Secretariat for Public Transport of the City of Belgrade, Radovan Kremić.

Since April 1, 2024, when the contract was signed, RATP Dev supports the City of Belgrade’s Secretariat for Public Transport and BMV (Beogradski Metro i Voz – Belgrade Metro and Train company) by leveraging its leading global expertise in automated metro systems and high-capacity networks.

Belgrade metro system will be fully automated and according to the project, three line totalling 69 km served by 69 stations. Line 1 will be 21.8 km long with 21 stations, Line 2 will have 24.2 km with 26 stations and Line 3 will have a length of 23 km with 22 stations.

“The knowledge, experience and expertise of the French partners are very important for the further course and development of the project and, finally, for the contribution to a better and faster realization of the construction of the metro system in Belgrade,” the director of Beogradski Metro i Voz, Andreja Mladenović said.

In January 2023, RATP Dev was awarded a one-year contract to advise and support Belgrade’s Public Transport Secretary and local operator BMV.

In 2023, the Serbian Ministry of Transport signed with the consortium of Deutsche Bahn and Systra a management contract for the construction of city’s metro system.

Egis was selected to develop preliminary and feasibility studies for the first two metro lines and the MoU for the first line was signed with Power Construction Corporation of China, Alstom and Egis Rail.

At the end of 2020, an intergovernmental agreement between Serbia and France was signed for the construction of Belgrade metro system.

In 2020, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has announced that EUR 3.5 billion will be invested in rail infrastructure projects of which EUR 1.7 billion will be provided for the construction of metro network in Belgrade.

In March 2022, the Ministry of Environmental Protection gave BMV the green light for the Environmental Impact Assessment study for the construction of the first phase of Line 1 from Makiš station to Karaburma station (16.7 km) and Makiš depot in Čukarica municipality. Line 1 will be built from Železnik to Mirijevo district, crossing the city centre. Line 2 will be constructed on east-west axis connecting Bežanija station with Mirijevo (common station with Line 1) and provide access to Zemun train station. Line 3 route will be later established and according to some preliminary analysis it will be interconnected with the Line 1 and Line 2 with at least three interchange stations.

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