Plans unveiled for Sydney new metro lines

Sydney metro expansionThe Government of New South Wales (NSW) has announced plans for Sydney metro expansion by constructing four new lines in western Sydney which will connect the greater area of the city with the new Western Sydney International Airport.
The government is undertaking the final business cases for the new routes, totalling 100 km which include Tallawong – St Marys, Westmead – the Aerotropolis Bankstown – Glenfield via Liverpool and Macarthur – the Aerotropolis metro lines.

“This major expansion will deliver the missing links in the Sydney Metro network, transforming Western Sydney with around 100 km of new track,” Premier Dominic Perrottet said.

The proposed new Sydney metro lines will include:

  • Tallawong – St Marys: 20 km of track and 6-7 potential station locations along the route
  • Westmead – Aerotropolis: 37 km of track and 6-8 station locations along the route
  • Bankstown – Glenfield: 20 km of track, with the number of stations to be determined
  • Macarthur – Aerotropolis: 23 km of track and 6-7 station locations along the route.

A business case is already underway for a new metro line between Glenfield and the Aerotropolis.

The proposed new lines will be integrated with the broader Sydney metro network, including the existing and future lines. They will connected to the existing Sydney Metro North West line which was completed in 2019, with the Sydney Metro City and South West which are under construction and when will enter operation in 2024 will provide services from Chatswood to Sydenham and then to Bankstown. The new lines will be also connected to the Sydney Metro West expected to be completed by 2030 and to the Western Sydney Airport expected to be opened in 2026.

Sydney metro expansion will complete the missing links of the system in the western part of the city and will provide increased access to city’s CBD and better transport services.

“By starting this work now [the completion of the metro network], we’re putting the Aerotropolis on a strong footing to be one of the most accessible cities in Australia for people on bikes, cars, planes or trains – connected to a new airport, active transport network and world-class metros and motorways,” Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport Rob Stokes said.


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