PKP Intercity starts tender to acquire up to 300 railcars

long-distance coachesPKP Intercity has launched the tender for the acquisition of up to 300 new long-distance coaches which also includes an option for 150 additional vehicles.

PKP Intercity plans to acquire first and second class coaches designed in seven compartment configurations designed for various groups of travellers:

  • 38 1st class compartment cars with a separated non-compartment section;
  • 40 2nd class compartment coaches;
  • 80 2nd class non-compartment cars;
  • 38 2nd class compartment carriages with places for people with disabilities;
  • 40 2nd class non-compartment carriages with places for bicycles;
  • 26 day and night carriages, which will ensure comfortable journeys at night;
  • 38 restaurant cars designed to offer a more intimate interior

If the right of option is exercised, PKP Intercity will order from 13 to 40 units for each of the type of carriage which reaching 450 new coaches. The delivery of the first units is expected to start in 2025.

The new design also includes new solutions for interior configuration. Carriages of both classes will gain additional space for luggage, located under the seats, which will be more comfortable. An innovative design solution will be a space for parents travelling with children, which will connect the passenger area with a safe play area, allowing comfortable travel with children.

“Poland has become a leader in transport investments in Europe, and activities such as this procurement are the best proof of this. We firmly focus on the development of Polish railways, and the purchase made by our national carrier of several hundred modern, safe and comfortable railcars will be a very big step towards rail as the leading means of transport. The new quality attracts millions of travelers to the trains,” Andrzej Adamczyk, the Minister of Infrastructure said when announced the procurement.

The new vehicles will run at a speed of 200 km/h and will be used in the medium category, one of the three new connection categories that PKP Intercity plans to launch by 2030. Medium category trains will connect major agglomerations, stopping in smaller centers, and will also run abroad. The new vehicles must have authorisation to operate in Poland as well as in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania.

The design of the new coaches will introduce new standards in terms of accessibility and comfort, while are fitted with innovative solutions to deliver a next level of passenger experience. The innovative approach is both visual and technical.The prepared design of new vehicles is a package of stylistic and functional solutions that will become a repeatable, intuitive and characteristic standard of PKP Intercity.

“The popularity of rail travel in Poland is growing very quickly, and our task is to offer passengers an increasingly higher quality of services. The design of the carriages will also contribute to this, which will be a new quality on Polish tracks and will certainly convince travellers to shift to railway transport. We are significantly changing the approach to designing space for passengers,” Marek Charciek, the President of the Management Board of PKP Intercity, said.

The new wagons will introduce a new quality in terms of the materials used and a new color scheme. The coaches will be equipped with amenities that are becoming standard on PKP Intercity trains today. Passengers will benefit from with Wi-Fi, individual lighting system, electric sockets and USB. A comfortable journey will also be ensured by air conditioning and a passenger information system displayed on light boards. For the safety of passengers, a fire detection system covering the entire carriages and video monitoring will be installed.

The purchase of long-distance coaches will introduce a new standard of design and travel comfort to the PKP Intercity’s passengers and is part of the EUR 5.7 billion Railway of Big Investments programme which will be completed by 2030. Until now, PKP Intercity invested EUR 1.48 billion to modernise and renew its rolling stock.

“These investments are a powerful development impulse for the country. The strategy implemented by PKP Intercity is a great opportunity for Polish companies, as most of the railway tenders are won by Polish enterprises. The new coaches will develop rail transport in Poland bringing benefits to all inhabitants,” Deputy Minister of State Assets, Maciej Małecki said.

For PKP Intercity’s rolling stock programme, the government announced in January 2022 it will increase the budget by PLN 8 billion (EUR 1.7 billion), from PLN 19 billion (EUR 4 billion) to PLN 27 billion (EUR 5.7 billion) until 2030. Under the plans, PKP Intercity will repair and modernise the existing trains and coaches and will acquire new vehicles (multiple units, carriages and locomotives) to be able to run at speeds between 160 km/h and 250 km/h.

Part of the renewal of the rolling stock, recently the Polish rail operator signed a EUR 118 million contract with Pesa to deliver 16 electric-diesel locomotives.

In September, PKP Intercity has received the first two of 12 Flirt EMUs from Stadler with plans to deliver the entire fleet next year. EUR 204.7 million is the value of the contract.

A detailed analysis on Polish rolling stock market as well as PKP Intercity’s investment plan was published in February issue of Railway PRO magazine.


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