ÖBB orders additional Kiss double-decker EMUs

double-decker multiple unitsThe Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) ordered 35 new double-decker multiple units from Stadler, exercising an option under a framework agreement from February 2022. EUR 600 million is the value of these vehicles expected to be deployed in stages from mid-2026.

Under the contract, Stadler will deliver 14 of which are six-car trains for long-distance services and 21 are four-car Kiss vehicles for local transport. The deployment of the new trains is planned in stages from mid-2026.

The new double-decker multiple units offer around 380 seats in the four-car configuration for local transport. The six-car long-distance trains provide around 480 seats in 1st and 2nd class increasing the capacity by 19% and have two catering zones. They can reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

“At ÖBB, the passenger boom continues. Long-distance transport recorded a total of 41.6 million passengers in 2022 – even surpassing our previous record year of 2019. Not only are we very proud of this result, but we are also implementing other measures to further increase capacity on our trains. We are investing in the heart of our long-distance service – the Railjet – and will be adding modern Railjet double-decker trains to the existing fleet for the first time,” ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä said.

When designing the new train, special consideration was given to the wishes and requirements of passengers for their daily journeys to and from work and during their leisure time. Every single car has a low-floor entrance and an optimised multi-purpose area with more space and accessibility for passengers with bicycles, pushchairs or luggage. This spaciously designed multi-purpose area is directly connected to the boarding and alighting areas, enabling passengers to enter and exit quickly. The new multiple units are adapted to passengers with limited mobility which benefit dedicated wheelchair spaces with new, height-adjustable side wall tables in the middle car of the compositions. Each of the 160m long distance trains provide 8 bicycle parking space.

The new trains are equipped with a modern passenger information system (monitors with real-time information) and video surveillance.

Last year, the two companies signed a EUR 3 billion framework agreement for the supply of up to 186 double-decker multiple units. In the first call, ÖBB ordered 41 Kiss double-decker EMUs in April 2022 and a further 21 four-car trains totalling EUR 300 million are now to follow on the second call with. Including the first call-off, 76 vehicles were ordered. The trains are planned to be put into operation in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.


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