Newag submits bid for PKP Intercity hybrid trainsets

new hybrid multiple unitsNewag is the single bidder which submitted its offer for PKP Intercity tender for the supply of 35 new hybrid multiple units, the first type of such rolling stock to be acquired in the history of the Polish long distance rail operator. The tender was launched in December 2023.

The bid has a value of PLN 3.36 billion (EUR 786.1 million) with EUR 585,191 more than the allocation of PKP Intercity and now the offer enters in the evaluation procedure.

The first unit will be handed over to PKP Intercity 30 months after signing the contract with the manufacturer.According to the order, the contractor guarantees the maintenance of the vehicles for 10 years, which will be provided with the participation of the operator’s employees.

“We are successfully implementing a rolling stock strategy, under which by 2030 all vehicles in our rolling stock will be new or modernised. The next step in its implementation is the purchase of 35 new hybrid multiple units, which will be adapted to a speed of at least 160 km/h in electric traction and 120 km/h when driving with the use of combustion drivem” Jarosław Oniszczuk, member of the management board of PKP Intercity said.

The new hybrid multiple units will have a capacity of 178 seats of which 154 will be in the second class and 20 in the first class. Additionally, the vehicles will be equipped with 4 places for people with disabilities and their companions and at least 8 bicycle racks.

The new trainsets will run on the domestic routes in the InterCity category. Travel times will be shortened for trains currently operated by electric and diesel locomotives, due to the need to provide additional time for their replacement.

The new trains will be equipped with ETCS, with on-board diagnostic systems, video monitoring and a fire alarm system. The vehicles will also have GPS transmitters, as well as a system for measuring fuel consumption and energy. The internal combustion engines of the trains will meet the latest exhaust emission standards.


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