Moscow opens a new terminal

MCD terminalMoscow has opened a new MCD terminal for the suburban traffic on the MCD 2. The modern Schukinskaya terminal is part of the largest transport hub in the North-West of Moscow and it connects the capital’s public transport system to the metro, bus and tram networks.

“The main goal we have set for the MCD is to create hundreds of new routes for Muscovites to make them travel across the city even faster and more comfortable. Namely convenient transfers – transport hubs – between district and mainline transport form new opportunities. Opening of D2 Schukinskaya terminal allows almost 200,000 inhabitants to choose the fastest route to the final destination. The best indicator of its efficiency will be the unloading of the neighboring metro station – Tushinskaya whose passenger capacity in the future should decrease by 10-15%,” Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport said.

The Schukinskaya terminal includes two lobbies, a passenger terminal, a platform with benches and a canopy over the entire length for passengers’ protection from the fallout.

The passenger terminal is fitted with cash registers, turnstiles and toilets. Also, 6 escalators and 3 lifts, so both passengers and residents, including those with low mobility, will be comfortable and easy to get onto the platform or cross the railway.

The lobby and passenger terminal have received panoramic glazing. As a result, during the day the space will be filled with a natural light. Electronic billboards with information about the arrival of trains are placed outside, inside the terminal and on the platform.

The MCD terminal is the 10th completely new opened terminal on the Line D2 since 2019. It is located on the border of two districts which overall have more than 170,000 inhabitants, and 46,000 of them live within a walking distance from the hub.

The total area of all buildings exceeds 5,000 square metres.

In April, the Mayor has opened the Vnukovo terminal on the MCD network. By the end of this year, it is planned to open another suburban terminal on the D2, the the Pechatniki hub, and in 2022 the Maryina Roscha terminal will be operational. It is also planned to build the new Kotlyakovo station.


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